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Making sure measures are in place for tree preservation during construction is critical to protect the valuable assets of your property—the beautify, mature trees that showcase the exterior of your home or business. Tree preservation and protection during construction may be required in some municipalities. Even if it is not, preserving trees makes good sense, as mature trees are some of the most valuable aspects of a property, maintain the aesthetics of the property and help reduce energy bills with the shade they provide. Having a tree preservation plan in effect before construction begins is important, too, because a tree that is damaged may require removal, which is often much more costly than a tree preservation plan in the first place.

Tree Preservation Plans Protect Trees During Construction

Since 1986, Arbor Care of Houston has been the leader in tree care for the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, and is highly experienced in developing plans to protect trees during residential and commercial construction. It is well known that trees can be protected during construction, but it takes planning and action before the construction commences. Common injuries to trees include torn bark, gouged trunks and broke branches. Open wound injuries like these can lead to further damage from stress, loss of the tree’s energy supplies, infestation of insects and entry of diseases. The often lesser-known and less-visible damage can be just as or more severe, including compaction of the soil and damage to the protected root zone. It is extremely critical to safeguard the roots from damage during construction since the roots are so important to the livelihood of the tree itself.

Our tree care professionals will devise a plan that includes actions to prevent tree damage during construction, including:

  • Documenting the population of trees on site and the care needed to protect them.
  • Flagging and staking boundaries of the construction zone.
  • Fencing off areas around the critical root zone to prevent compacting of the soil and root damage.
  • Installing danger and caution signs.
  • Preparing the trees for disruption by watering and fertilizing them.
  • Observing the construction process to observe potential risks.
  • Conducting a post-construction evaluation and creating a tree care plan.

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