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Proper tree irrigation maintenance programs can spell the difference between a tree declining in health to one that is robust and full of life. The experts at Arbor Care, Houston, can help you increase the vitality of your trees with a well-planned irrigation maintenance program.

We know and practice the most effective watering practices for the trees that grow in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. Watering trees, shrubs and flowers in your landscaping is the key to their good health. An effective tree irrigation maintenance program will incorporate the necessary deep and complete permeation of the surrounding root area of trees, but permit it to dry sufficiently between irrigation sessions, so that the root system is neither too wet nor too dry.

We would be happy to discuss with you the basics, yet important aspects of tree irrigation maintenance. The proper amount of water varies on how big and old the tree is. A watering session should saturate about a quarter to half of the circumference of the canopy of the tree, two to three feet deep. Older trees may need a wider irrigation area. It is also important to understand the proper frequency of watering a given tree. Certainly how often a tree should be watered relies upon several factors, including how old the tree is, the type of tree, conditions of the soil, terrain, shade and weather. The watering frequency should be increased during extremely hot and dry conditions. Young trees need more watering because they are vulnerable after transplanting and have smaller root systems.

The Best Tree Irrigation Maintenance Program in Houston

Established in 1986, Arbor Care of Houston is a recognized award-winner in tree care service. Trust the best when in comes to setting up a tree irrigation maintenance program for your trees in the Houston Metro Area. Our tree care team is the best at creating a management plan for tree irrigation to fit the unique needs of watering for the trees in your landscape. Plus, we understand the importance of respecting, preserving and conserving water through careful water consumption that will maximize the health of your trees and minimize your water utility bills.

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