Tree Installation Min

Add towering beauty, cool shade, natural habitat for colorful songbirds and significant value to your property with professional tree installation provided by Arbor Care of Houston. Properly planted trees can add 15 percent or more to your property value.

Our highly experienced tree installation experts know the unique qualities of the land in the Houston region and the types of trees that can be successfully grown on it. We can discuss with you what kind of an impact you’d like trees to make on your landscaping and overall property, including:

  • The various species of trees to offer shade, color, flowers and fruit.
  • Size of trees to fill in the space beautifully. We can install small trees and saplings so that you can enjoy observing the growth process as the trees mature. Planting of larger, mature trees can make a bigger immediate impact on your property.
  • Soil preparation for tree planting. We can evaluate and recommend grading of slopes to better accommodate a new tree.  

Our team of certified arborists understand the details behind successful tree plantings of everything from small saplings, to installation of mature trees to transplanting trees. Enjoy the benefits of new tree installation. Trees will make your property more beautiful, produce fresh air, block powerful sun rays during the summer and help keep your house cool during the summer. Trees will block the winds, provide privacy, add habitat for colorful songbirds and help provide a cleaner environment.

Arbor Care of Houston will not only provide expert tree installation, but can help maintain trees with complete tree care, including, trimming, pruning, debris clean-up, fertilization and much more. We have been caring for the beautiful trees of your neighbors in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area since 1986.

We are the Tree Installation Experts in Houston

Call Arbor Care of Houston today if you need trees planted on your residential or commercial property. We are here to help you with any questions about tree installation.
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