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Professional tree health inspections and tree health assessments allow comprehensive care for your valuable trees and provides a long-term plan to properly maintain young, growing and mature trees.

Healthy, correctly maintained trees add significant value to a home or business’s property. If you are considering purchasing a property, have recently acquired a property or want to find out more about the health of your existing property’s trees, make sure to contact a reputable certified arbor care business to inspect, assess and maintain your important asset—your trees.

The original Arbor Care of Metropolitan Houston, Texas, provides tree health inspections and tree health assessments for:

  • Trees missing a portion of bark. We will determine if this was caused by environmental damage, mechanical injury or insect infestation, and what can be done to protect and heal the tree.
  • Tree roots lifting sidewalks and pavements. We can help you decide if the sidewalk or pavement can be repaired and the tree saved.
  • Fungus growing at the base of a tree. This could indicate damaging fungus growing all the way down to the roots and a rotting trunk. We will determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.
  • Leaning trees. If a leaning tree poses an immediate risk to a home, buildings or people’s safety, we can determine if it needs to be removed right away or can be saved.
  • Tree branches extending beyond property lines. We will assess the best options for pruning and trimming the tree.
  • Tree cracking. We will determine if cracks in a tree, or the separating of the layers risk structural support issues.

Contact the Professionals for Tree Health Inspections and Tree Health Assessments

The original Arbor Care of Metro Houston is the leading tree health inspection and tree health assessment company. Established in 1986, we have nine arborists on staff who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and follow tree care operations designated by the American National Standards Institute A300 tree care industry standards. Arbor Care is a member of the Tree Care Industry Association, the voice of tree care.

Contact Arbor Care of Houston for a consultation on the tree health inspection and assessment for the trees on your property. Call us today.
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