Tree Hazard Assessment

Tree Hazard Assesment Min

Professional tree hazard assessment can successfully mitigate and even eliminate jeopardy to life and property around your home or business. Regular safety inspections of the trees on your property along with a full tree hazard assessment is useful in reducing the risk of harm caused by tree failures. You may have an obvious tree hazard from storm damage. Or the tree hazard may be less obvious as a tree ages, starts to lean or appears damaged or diseased. You may want to schedule an overall inspection and tree hazard assessment of all of the trees on your property. Since 1986, we have been caring for and treating the unique conditions for the specific trees in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, and are uniquely qualified for tree hazard assessment.

Tree Hazard Assessment for Homes and Businesses

The experts in tree hazard assessment at Arbor Care of Houston follow recognized, established arborist guidelines to identify and rate hazardous trees that have a potential to fail, fall and cause injury of death to people or cause damage to property. Affected property includes homes, buildings, fences, garages, sidewalks, roads, utility poles and lines, and walls.

In our systematic process of inspection, evaluation, assessment and recommendations for risk mitigation, we rate trees on a scale of failure and damage probability from low to moderate to high risk. We also evaluate the probability of damage or disease increasing in severity and when mitigation action should take place to prevent accidents.

Arbor Care of Houston provides comprehensive tree hazard assessment of:

  • Broken branches.
  • Dead trees.
  • Diseased trees.
  • Dying trees.
  • Hazard trees.
  • Risky trees.
  • Rotting trees.
  • Structurally week trees.
  • Unstable trees.

Contact the Tree Hazard Assessment Experts

We provide estimates, consultations and risk assessments for the trees on your property. Call the tree hazard assessment experts in Houston today. Call the professionals at Arbor Care.
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