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Trees of any type, age or size can become victim of tree diseases, but the good news is that many tree diseases can be arrested and even reversed with proper care. The team of certified arborists at Arbor Care, Houston, are ready when you need help with the care of your trees. We are expertly trained to identify and prescribe a program of care, setting up a tree disease management program for the valuable trees on your property. 

Contact us for a proper assessment and diagnosis for your tree if you suspect or see signs of a tree disease. We certainly want to avoid tree removal and stump grinding by saving your trees through fast-response assessment and treatment of your trees.  

It is not uncommon to see damage to trees from diseases in the Houston area, including:

  • Aphids. These sap-sucking insects can damage leaves and stems, wilting the tree and possibly killing it.
  • Bacterial leaf scorch. Leaves become damaged as the tree is stressed by heat and not enough watering.
  • Chlorosis. Iron deficiency or lack of sunlight can cause leaves to lose their natural green color.
  • Citrus greening. Disease caused by a insect that east the leaves and stems of trees, causing a bacteria infection.
  • Crape Myrtle Bark Scale. A white-colored pest leaves behind groupings of eggs and nymphs that can eventually cause a fungal infection.
  • Gall. Unsightly growths can appear on the branches of trees.
  • Hypoxylon canker. Brown lesions form on the truck and branches of distressed oak and hardwoods, killing the tree tissues.
  • Mildew. Trees can be plagued by a white growth of fungus.
  • Oak wilt. A disease caused by fungus from infected red oaks, limiting water conduction, resulting in a tree wilting and dying.
  • Root rot. A fungus that kills roots and trunk tissues.

Comprehensive Tree Disease and Tree Care Management

Arbor Care of Houston, established in 1986, provides comprehensive tree care, including tree fertilization, tree spraying, planting, tree pruning, tree treatment, tree trimming, and tree maintenance services. We strive to enhance and preserve the health of trees rather than removing trees if it can be avoided.

Contact Arbor Care of Houston | Tree Disease Management Services

When you have a question about diseased trees or see signs one or more of your trees may be affected by a pest or disease, contact the tree care professionals at Arbor Care of Houston.
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