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Preserve the value of your trees with tree lightning protection by Arbor Care. We offer tree lightning protection that mitigates the danger and damage from incidences of lightning. We install grounding systems to minimize damage caused by lightning strikes to trees. Arbor Care tree lightning protection technicians install lightning rods and other tree lightening protection systems with conduction hardware that allow dangerous lightning bolts to travel toward the ground without harming the adjacent tree. Metal in the lightning rods in the tree lightning protection system is more conductive than the water content inside the tree.

Each year countless trees are destroyed by lighting, and in one estimate, more than 7,500 forest fires are started by lightning. While some trees are destroyed the moment a lightning bolt slams into a tree, many others die a slower death as injuries to the trees lead to infestations of insects and the onslaught of disease.

Arbor Care is the tree lightning protection expert in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, providing professional lightning protection consulting and services for residential and commercial properties.

Full-Service Tree Lightning Protection

Arbor Care is a fully insured tree lightning protection service specialist for the Houston Metro Area, including the communities of Pearland, Kingwood, The Woodlands and Sugar Land. We offer:

  • Commercial tree services.
  • Residential tree services.
  • Crown cleaning, thinning and reduction.
  • Drought relief.
  • Emergency tree service.
  • Fertilizing and spraying.
  • Full lot tree clearing.
  • Plant analysis and testing.
  • Shrubbery trimming and brush chipping.
  • Tree lightning protection.
  • Tree management services.
  • Tree removal and planting.
  • Tree pruning, trimming and shaping.
  • Storm damage cleanup.
  • Stump grinding and removal.
Tree Lightning Protection Min

A Premium Tree Lightning Protection Service Provider You Can Trust

The original Arbor Care of Metro Houston are the tree lightning protection service providers you can count on. With nine International Society of Arboriculture certified arborists on staff, Arbor Care has the extensive skills and years of experience to provide you with state-of-the-art techniques for the best tree care. We perform all pruning operations following American National Standards Institute A300 tree care industry standards.

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