Why Do Trees Change Color In The Fall?

At some point you have asked this question, maybe when you were young and had questions about everything around you or maybe you have just thought it quietly to yourself, why do trees change color in the fall? Since we here at Arbor Care have made our life’s work caring for and learning about tree care, we learned the answer to this question long ago. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our clients, so the next time someone asks…you can actually give an answer!

The simplified answer is that the trees “know” when winter is coming and the leaves changing colors is part of the process they use to prepare themselves for the long months ahead. But really, telling someone that trees have a sixth sense won’t really answer the question, for that, we have to delve into it a little more scientifically.

Leaves are like a storage pantry of food for trees, so they help a tree store chlorophyll and glucose so it can live through the winter. Because photosynthesis does not happen during winter months due to less light and water, trees take a rest and live off the food their leaves stored during the spring and summer. Chlorophyll drains from the leaves as the trees begin to shut down their food-making factories. The colors that leaves change to depend on the chemical composition of the leaves, which is why there can be lots of gorgeous variety in fall foliage.

Because winters in Southeast Texas are mild, unfortunately do not see as much vibrant autumn color on display than our neighbors to the north and east. But trees in our area do know winter is coming and soon enough you’ll see fewer and fewer leaves hanging on. Trees are an amazing part of nature that reflect the cycles of growth and dormancy that we see in the weather. We appreciate them every day, in any weather and hope you do too.

Call us at Arbor Care and let’s talk trees and tree care, it’s our favorite subject!

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