When To Plant Trees in Houston

One of the questions we are hearing most frequently lately is about when is the right time to plant trees in Houston? The effects of the drought were devastating to the area’s trees, and many people are eager to plant trees to replace one’s lost during those harsh conditions.

The best time to plant trees in Houston is between mid-November to late February. Planting during the winter season can help trees get established before the demands of Houston summer. The type of tree you decide to plant (deciduous, citrus, flowering) will determine where you should plant it (very sunny area versus a shadier spot) and what kind of fertilization schedule you might want to implement.

With any new tree you plant, you want to make sure it has plenty of room for the root system to grow and you should stay on top of watering needs as the new tree gets established and ready for Houston’s hot summers ahead. We know there are many factors to consider about planting a new tree on your property and we are here with the knowledge and expertise to help!

We realize not everyone is as into trees as we are, but helping homeowners make the right decisions and take care of their landscapes is what drives us. If you have any questions please feel free to call us!

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