Tree Pruning in Houston

January and February are a good time of year to think about tree pruning in Houston. There are benefits to pruning your trees in the winter. Trees are dormant during cold months making them less susceptible to stress or damage caused by tree pruning. A dormant tree is less likely to suffer from fungus and insects that can show up when tree branches are cut.  If you’d like to know more about the timing of pruning a specific species of tree, it’s a great idea to call us up and talk to one of our ISA-Certified Arborists for advice and guidance.

Tree pruning benefits the structure and growth of your trees. By shedding dead limbs or clearing spaces for more light to shine into deeper parts of a tree, you are promoting a healthier and more robust tree. By utilizing proper tree pruning methods, you can help your trees grow a stronger structure which, over the long run prevents tree damage like broken limbs and falling branches.  Keeping a tree pruned and healthy can also help you prevent safety risks that can harm both people and property.  If you have trees that are in a prime location on your property, tree pruning for aesthetic purposes is also a great idea.

Pruning should be done by a professional, not only to mitigate safety risks such as falling limbs and the presence of power lines, but also because tree professionals are trained to understand the when, where and how to properly prune your trees.  We don’t recommend taking on a tree pruning project on your own. In the short run you may save a little money, but in the long run you could damage and possibly kill your trees by over trimming or making them vulnerable to tree disease and insects.

For more information about tree pruning, talk to one of our professional arborists at Arbor Care Houston to discuss your tree pruning needs and schedule an appointment during the dormant winter months to care for your trees!

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