Tree Care Tips for New Homeowners

Hey new homeowner…congratulations! You’ve made the jump from being a renter to being a homeowner! We know it’s exciting and overwhelming at first, but once you get settled in and begin making your new house a home, you’ll understand what a great feeling it is to be proud of your home. In addition to decorating the inside of the home to match your style and figuring out if there are upgrades or repairs that need to be done…it’s also time to start thinking about the outside of your home, specifically the trees and landscaping on your property.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference beautiful trees can make for your property values and the curb appeal of your home. Your trees don’t stay just healthy and happy on their own though, you need to take care of them just like you will maintain the inside of your home.

One of the first things to understand about your new yard and the trees in it is that you can work with the seasons to help you remember what gets done when. Over the course of the year, there are times when it’s good to do your planting, mulching, pruning and fertilizing and then other times of the year when things are best left alone. Some helpful tips:

  • Planting new trees should be done in early spring or in late autumn; the cooler weather helps a new tree get established before the more extreme heat of the summer begins.
  • Mulching is helpful, especially for new trees, because it helps tree roots maintain their moisture after rain or watering. Use natural mulches like wood chip mulch and be sure to extend the mulch around the tree at least 3 feet in diameter or further depending on the size of the tree.
  • Fertilizing, also known as deep root fertilization helps replenish much-needed nutrients that keep your tree healthy and promote growth. Have an arborist come out and conduct a soil test to help you determine when and how much fertilization may be needed for your trees.
  • Pruning should be done in the late spring or late summer, do not prune in the fall because fungi and disease can spread more easily during that time. Look at a guide to learn how to properly prune trees and shrubs before just going at it with your shears; you’ll be glad you did.

Learning the proper timing and ways to take care of your trees can be a fun and fulfilling experience for a new homeowner, watch as your trees thrive and beautify your property. You will not only be house proud, you’ll be tree proud as well! Talk to one our local certified arborist at Arbor Care, Inc. to get you started and to help you care for your trees.

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