The Relationship of a Tree

A tree is a lot like a relationship. It starts out like a small seedling, planted in firm solid ground. Then from there it begins to flourish. The roots take hold beneath the surface, growing deeper and firmer into the ground. Identical to that of a relationship, you build a foundation to flourish on.

The trunk begins to grow bigger and tougher over time to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. The same for a relationship, trust, love and happiness form the bond to handle anything the outside world may throw at you, whether it is temptation, or anything else.

From there the tree begins to bud and produce foliage, transforming it from the little seedling into the firm rooted, beautiful tree it was meant to be. And likewise in your relationship, your experiences are the budding foliage, which transforms your relationship into the love of an eternity. It’s hard to imagine the greatness that is a tree, but when put into perspective of something that is more relatable, it’s evident that trees are important.

Trees are very much like human beings, they are a living creature, which starts out as a small almost infinitesimal thing, and can grow into something gargantuan, such as a redwood. They need a strong foundation to grow and face the obstacles of life, and the help of their other tree “friends” to form the tree they should grow up to be.

Trees are important to nature and everything around them, and just like people they can make differences in their surroundings. Sometimes people take for granted what trees have to offer, but every so often it’s not bad to take a step back and examine your trees. Put them in perspective, because just like you, whether it’s a hard day at work, or a blip in your relationship with your significant other or even a friend, your tree may know just how you feel.

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