Protecting Your Trees From Storm Damage

We’ve been lucky so far this year with no major named storms making their way through the region. But we still know that the weather in our area can be unpredictable and sometimes even a seemingly small storm can wreak havoc on your property and your landscape.

Protecting the trees on your property from storm damage can make a big difference in how affected you might be by a sudden, severe storm. Even if you don’t think your trees are susceptible, we recommend taking the following steps to protecting your trees and you property from storm damage. You can always call us at Arbor Care, Inc. to help!

Proper tree trimming makes a huge difference in how your trees stand up to storm damage. Keep your trees properly trimmed and ready for whatever the weather throws at them. Be sure that there is plenty of clearance from power lines and the roof of your home.

If you notice a tree that is struggling, dying or dead, have it removed from your property immediately. Have broken or weak limbs removed if your arborist believes the tree will survive. On the other hand, if the trees on your property are young, allow the tree to grow without cables and braces. The more a tree is able to swing with the breeze, the stronger it will get.

Talk to a professional tree service about protecting your trees and do not attempt to DIY your tree trimming and removal projects. Should a storm blow through, we are here for storm damage clean up assistance and 24 hour emergency service!

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