Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage This Spring!

Once you’ve lived in Houston for a while, you get used to the occasional big storm rolling through causing everything from flash flooding to unexpected property damage. Even the strongest trees can take a beating from heavy winds and rain and lightning strikes, causing serious tree storm damage.

The good news is that if you’ve kept up with your tree maintenance and pruning program, the damage could be minimized. Over the years, your arborist has already been at work, promoting stronger growth by removing dead or weak branches and limbs.

After a big storm, it’s important to contact your arborist to come get a good look at what damage has been done. It is also best to call a tree care company because we have the training and equipment to safely haul away large tree debris and cut off damaged limbs or high branches.  We understand the proper way to cut off broken limbs and branches in a way that mitigates later insect damage or decay.  If we find that a tree has been weakened by the storm, we have the expertise to perform cabling and bracing work to help strengthen the tree and keep it from being damaged in a future storm.

Your trees will take some time to recover, but it’s best to help them along at first with the guided hand of an experienced local arborist like Arbor Care Houston.  Storm damage does not have to mean losing your valuable and beautiful trees. Talk to us when the storm has cleared and we’ll help your trees grow stronger and healthier than ever.

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