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Now that the warm weather is starting to settle in on Houston, you, your friends and your neighbors will be paying more attention to the great outdoors. We love this time of year, getting to see neighborhoods burst with azaleas, magnolia trees flowering, flower beds bursting with color and of course, the beautiful trees of Houston glowing with bright green leaves. It’s also a great time for the pests and tree diseases that feed and thrive on our growing landscapes.
At Arbor Care Houston, we take the threat of pests and tree diseases seriously so we can help our customers fight the good fight. Our ISA-Certified Arborists are constantly seeking out education programs and collaborating to find the best treatments and techniques in the tree care industry.
Pests and Tree Diseases Native To Houston
Every region has its own bugs and diseases to worry about and at Arbor Care Houston we have studied and learned the most effective treatments for our native trees. If you are noticing pests on you trees and shrubs, it’s time to call an arborist.

Houston has a number of diseases and bugs native to the area including:
• Scale
• Mildew
• Iron Deficiency
• Aphids
• Spider Mites
• Southern Pine Beetles
Have an experienced arborist come out to do a comprehensive on-site consultation and diagnosis. If you have pests and bugs destroying your trees, they should have a treatment plan ready to go and in some cases we can offer some DIY solutions that can be just as effective. IN cases of tree disease, the causes and treatments can be more complex and you need the guidance of an experienced tree care technician to help save your tree. No matter what the season, don’t let tree diseases and pests get the better of your landscape. Fight back with proper tree disease care and tree pest control!

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