Proper Methods To Mulch Around Your Trees

Proper Ways to Mulch Your Trees

There are multiple benefits for applying mulch around your trees. Some of these will be for the health of the tree, such as reducing root competition, while other advantages will be for the aesthetics of your property. Whatever your reason for mulching your trees, it’s essential for the longevity of the tree that you do so properly. Here are a few basic steps to help get you started.

Step 1: Choose the Mulch

When it comes to the mulch you choose, you have a few things to factor in, like how available it is in your area, the texture and nutrients, and how attractive the color is. A lot of this will come down to personal preference and expectations. You can start doing your research about the best mulch for you and you can always talk to a professional to get a better idea of what mulch material is made of.

Step 2: Create a Space to Apply It

 Before you put the mulch around the tree, take the time to remove any grass or weeds that are surrounding it. The size of the circle you create around the base of the tree will depend on the size of the tree. Circles can be as small as three inches and expand much larger, depending on where the branches’ drip lines are and what you prefer aesthetically.

Step 3: Use the Proper Techniques

Once you’ve created a space to apply the mulch, be sure that you’re using the proper techniques. You want to avoid what’s called “volcano” mulching which is when the mulch is higher at the top of the trunk and gradually declines outward to the ground. This can cause decay and rot among other things that you want to avoid.

The best technique is to make sure that the mulch doesn’t touch the trunk, and it should be about two to four inches deep. However, it’s important to note trees will have different attributes that need attention so before you get started, do some research on the type of roots you’re mulching over.

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