Plant A Tree For Earth Day

Why Plant a Tree For Earth Day?

When Earth Day comes around, a lot of us are reminded that we need to do our part to protect the environment. We finally get that extra recycling bin we’ve needed, we repurpose an old item that would have otherwise gone to a landfill, and we plant a tree in our local community or in our yard. If you’re thinking about skipping planting a tree this year for Earth Day, we’ve got a few reasons why you should put it at the top of your list.

Increase Your Property Value with Curb Appeal

Healthy trees that are strategically placed to enhance your landscape will add value to your home and improve your curb appeal. Curb appeal adds a significant amount of aesthetics to your property that will add value to it whether you’re leasing office space or selling your home. Beyond that, your curb appeal can affect the value of the properties around you, increasing the overall value of your neighborhood and community.

Give Back to Mother Nature

Planting a tree for Earth Day will add beauty to your property, as well as give back to the environment. When you want to honor Mother Nature and thank her for all of the majestic gifts she’s given you, planting a tree is a wonderful way to express yourself. It also teaches your children how to give back to the environment in a way that is positive and meaningful. Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in your outdoor areas with your family and work to enhance the look of your home and community.

Give Back to Your Community

Every tree that is planted is going to benefit your community by improving the quality of air and health of the surroundings. If you want to get your neighbors even more involved, you can plan an event around Earth Day and give everyone a tree to plant in their yard, or you can plant a single tree somewhere in the community to benefit everyone.

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