Plan Ahead For Spring during Winter!

In December, things around here get a little quiet and it starts to feel like people only want us for what we can do for their lush springtime foliage.  What they don’t realize is that if they want their trees to look great in the springtime…then now, during winter, is the time to call us! If you wait until spring to call us, chances are you won’t see the growth or results of our tree care the following spring.

Did you know that trees and shrubs are dormant during the fall and winter seasons? That’s what makes it a good time for pruning and removing dead branches, trees, or whatever tree service needs may be required.Fall is also tree planting season, so if you’ve been thinking about how nice a tree would look in a certain spot in your yard, this is the time to do it. Planting trees in the fall helps trees because root systems have time to get established before spring and summer.

By taking care of your trees and yard now, you are ahead of the game! We promise that during the spring, when your friends and neighbors are just starting to pick up the phone to call about that wilting tree in their yard, you’ll be lounging under the healthy canopy of your beautiful trees!

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