Fall Is The Best Time To Plant New Trees in Houston

Arbor Care Houston is here with a friendly reminder, October is a great time to plant new trees! Taking care of your yard so it looks good for the upcoming holiday season is something you should start doing now!  Planting new trees during the fall is a way to help your yard look great. If you had a tree removal or tree pruning done during the last few years, you have the opportunity to fill in the spaces with an attractive new tree or two!

New trees can add a new vitality to your yard that will just grow bigger and better in the trees lifespan. Tree service professionals recommend tree planting in the fall because good timing is important to help a growing seedling thrive.

Newly planted trees do best in the fall. They can get established during the cool, mild months which gives them  the opportunity to grow and begin integrating itself the landscape well before the harsh heat of the next Houston summer takes effect.

At Arbor Care Houston, we are always here for Houston residents tree care needs. We enjoy discussing tree selection, proper tree care and lots of fall planting ideas. Our ISA Certified Arborists can guide you in choosing the right tree for your yard and we can even help you choose trees that will add a little seasonal color to your yard. Talk to us about which tree species will thrive in our area, and which trees beatify your fall and look good year-round! Call Arbor Care Houston today to discuss your trees!

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