Fall In Houston

The kids are back in school, football season has begun, we’re even hearing hints of cold fronts headed toward our neck of the woods…it all adds up to the fall season is almost upon us! And for us in the tree service business that means it’s time to talk about planting trees!

Fall is the prime tree planting season because with planting trees, timing can make or break the success of a growing seedling. By planting trees in the fall, a new tree has the opportunity to grow and begin integrating itself into its new landscape well before the harsh heat of Houston summer takes effect. We are always here for Houston residents to talk to about their fall planting ideas and needs. We enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience bourne of over 30 years studying and caring for trees.

Bring Fall Color Into Your Yard with Your Tree Choices

When we think about the fall season, one of the first things we think about is the turning of the leaves into bright, warm colors. The vibrant landscape that is fall foliage is truly is a sight to see. While it’s true you may have to travel quite far to experience the natural beauty of booming fall foliage, there are places in Texas, far to the west and far to the east that experience these large color changing landscapes. But we at Arbor Care, Inc. have another suggestion to get some of that beautiful fall color in your life.

Why not use the fall planting season to choose a tree or trees that will change color with the season!

Our ISA Certified Arborists can guide you in choosing the right tree for your yard, keeping in mind your love of seasonal color. Talk to us about which tree species are available to you, one’s that will thrive in your specific landscape and have characteristics that will beatify your fall and look good year-round.

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